Hi Community,


We haven't done this in a while and we'd like to create a more dedicated place for feedback around the weekend events. This thread is open for anything around the weekend event and feel free to share anything relevant to the weekend event(s).

Now, I know a lot of you have already posted threads with feedback and ideas for the weekend event(s) in the past and I am not saying non of you did but I think a step in the right direction is to start with creating a more dedicated place for feedback about the weekend event(s).

To start this off we'd like to offer you guys some kind of form that you could fill in that helps gather some initial feedback.


Just copy the following text in a comment and answer how you like:

- If you could organize a weekend event, what four (4) feature points would you do?

- What do you think we can improve on for future weekend event(s)?

- What previous weekend event points did you like the most? Why?

- What previous weekend event points did you NOT like at all? Why?

Feel free to of course share any additional feedback you might have. Feel free to re-link threads from the past or just copy paste the entire thread in a comment here.

I hope you all can appreciate this approach with the aim to improve the future weekend event(s).


Best Regards,


Author Sven
Published Nov 25, 2019
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