We are rolling another quick hotfix to address a few issues. 




  • (new) Added the button "Open New" on the skinbox opening screen so you can open another box without having to go through the process again.
  • Fixed a bug with adding friends crashing and/or showing invalid characters. 
  • (new) Added a new icon on the server list to identify servers running the new accuracy netcode system. 
  • (new) You can use bandages with full health now if you're bleeding
  • Fixed the issue that wouldn't allow you to use medic items when with over 99% health. (between 99% and 99.9%)


  • (new) Made changes to the Flea Market Fee Options.
  • Fixed an issue that caused items not to show in your GI after purchasing something on the Flea Market. You needed to restart your game to fix this. 
  • Fixed a bug where Flea Market offers not showing when you tried selling skins. 



  • Made improvements to the Play Again button when playing in "Matchmaking" (when you group up randomly)
  • Fixed a bug related to the Waypoints not resetting after starting a new match
  • Fixed a bug on the Loading screen in the Battle Royale Standalone client
  • Fixed a bug where ladders would disappear when using the PLAY AGAIN function
  • Fixed a bug that caused some objects still show after a new match started using the PLAY AGAIN function


Estimated patch size: 60 MB

Patch ETA: Client-sided patch were released on Friday

Estimated downtime: 10 minutes


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Author ElChupacabra
Published Jul 13, 2020
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