1. New Season Pass and reworked Experience gain.
  2. Added a "Find Party" function in all game modes. 
  3. New Battle Royale Skins are coming very soon. They will be called Battle Royale XX.
  4. Made changes to AR statistics. This will be unnoticeable for players that use them properly, don't worry. 
  5. Made some small tweaks to a couple of snipers to avoid abuse. 
  6. Made some changes to the Event Map.
  7. Improved the Wood Shield Barricade Model.
  8. Reworked Backpacks in Survival and added a new one.


Full Patch Notes:



  • Added a Group Find function for any game modes. It works like the Battle Royale version. When selected, you can queue up and be group with other players looking for a party. 
  • Added a "Party" chat into the ingame Chat window. You can talk to your party even if you're not in the same server.
  • Fixed some issues on the UI that could cause small crashes.
  • Made small tweaks to some UI Pop-Ups
  • We have moved the "My Offers" button in the Flea Market to its main page. It was very confusing for some players unfamiliar with it. Now you can easily navigate there to reclaim items not sold. 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some private servers from not running when they were first rented.
  • Adjusted the Account/Season Pass Experience gained. More information on that below.
  • Updated the description of the vehicle spawners to make it clear where and how you can use it.


  • Fixed a bug where clan territory perks would not work when the territory was "vulnerable". 
  • Limited the Firerate on Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns and Machine Guns when set to single-fire mode. 
  • Made some tweaks to balance out better all Assault Rifles.
  • Changed some things on the behavior of the spread on Assault Rifles to prevent abuse.
  • Made some small adjustments to some Sniper Rifles. They were way too unbalanced as they were and especially in Arcade where they're fairly common, they were hard to fight against. 
  • Fixed an issue that made it nearly impossible to hit vehicles in high speed.
  • Fixed a bug caused by having a backpack inside your backpack on a loadout. 
  • Improved the SSAO option on both High and Ultra graphics settings.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes in some localizations.
  • Updated the description of the vehicle spawners to make it clear where and how you can use it.




  • Wood Shield Barricades: We have made an update on the Wood Shield Model as to have it with no holes that players can shoot from/into. 
  • We had the idea of opening up all the windows in the "Red Houses" and after getting feedback from the community, we are going to try it. We have it backed up so if it doesn't feel good or right, please let us know. All feedback is welcome.
  • Made a few changes to the "Office Building". There are extra steps to go up the stairs to avoid getting stuck. We have also removed some windows that were placed in front of the stairs.


  • Fixes
    • Fixed the glowing texture on the M4 Semi Pink Graffiti
    • Updated the link to BananaJoe's Riot Shield
    • Fixed the name on the Desert Eagle Purple
    • Fixed the models of the M9 Helmets. On a recent update, they were updated to the wrong version. They should look better now. 
  • Additions
    • Added 3 new skins to the Chrome skinbox

    • Added 3 new skins to the Fun Edition skinbox

    • Added a new Battle Royale exclusive skinbox. It contains 20 different skins and can only be gotten from Battle Royale matches.

    • Since there are new events for 4 teams in the Event Map, we have added an "Event C" and "Event D" skins to it. 


  • Additions
    • Added a new backpack called "Camping Backpack". It is a bit bigger than the "Military Backpack". 

  • Changes
    • Reworked the icons of the Ghillie Suit and its skins.
    • Made some changes to a couple of snipers
      • M40A1 Remington 700: Reload Timer changed from 1.0 to 3.0
      • XMR-32: Reload Timer changed from 1.5 to 3.1




We've collected your feedback during this past Season and we hope these changes that are coming will improve the overall experience with the Season Pass, especially in other game modes.

  • We have increased the amount of Experience gained from both Account and Season Leveling as follows:
    • Learning a skin: 25 -> 50
    • Time played (BR): 1/min -> 10/min
    • Playing a Competitive match: 25 -> 125
    • Killing a player: 5 -> 20
    • Killing a zombie: 1 -> 5
    • Winning a match (BR): 100 -> 125
    • Calling a Airdrop (GC): 25 -> 100
    • Completing missions/contracts: 10 -> 35
    • Killing a Slicer: 25 -> 150
    • Killing a Alien Super Zombie: 15 -> 130
    • Killing a Toxic Super Zombie: 12 -> 115
    • Killing a Super Zombie: 8 -> 95
    • Contesting territories: 18 -> 35
    • Purchasing GC: 1/GC
  • We have also added 20 levels to it, making it a total of 50 (from 30).
  • We have also added a multiplier to the Experience gained from zombies in Survival as it is much harder to farm them, due to multiple aspects.
  • We have changed the way skins will be given as rewards for the Season Pass.
    • From now on there will be skinboxes on the Season and you will gain them in some of the levels. 
    • There will still be, though, "special" skins from the set gained individually from some higher levels. 

The aim of these changes it to improve the overall experience with the Season Pass and make it more friendly in other game modes (as Arcade players had a clear advantage on it). 

We understand that this won't be perfect yet so we welcome any feedback on it so we can keep improving it.




  • Disabled Claymores in PvP servers
  • We are intecreating one of our newest feature of farming. We have placed dpwn unique buildings in every map, which will not have regular loot, you will be able to find there "Lootboxes" which you can open and loot. There are 2 types of lootboxes right now, the black one has common and the green one rare loot.




  • The loot inside the Secret Rooms will respawn faster now. That means there will be less risk of entering a room and finding it empty.
  • Player detection radius from the Secret Rooms has been increased. This means the loot won't respawn when a player is too close to the area.


  • Completing contracts will now also give you currency as a reward.
  • Changed the requirements for the Tactical Weapons Crates. It is now as follows:
    • Normal Tactical Weapon Crate: 10 Coins
    • Epic Tactical Weapon Crate: 15 Coins
    • Legendary Tactical WEapon Crate: 25 Coins


    • Fixed player spawns around Norad Military Base and Smallville. Some of these spawns could make players spawn inside trees.
    • Moved the item box spawns to new locations and fixed their cooldown and respawn timers.


    • Added some ladders to every building there. You can now climb up these buildings from the outside.


    • Church event area has been removed.
    • A new area has been added where the Church was.
    • Clearview has been added as a new event area. This area has four different starting areas and can be used for four different teams.

    • Moved the Item Boxes Spawns on new locations and fixed their cooldown and respawn timers.
    • Fixed the missing Helicopter Crash Icon from Death Valley
    • Fixed a player spawn near Clearview where the player would spawn inside a rock.
    • Removed the Season Pass cave.
    • Moved the Item Boxes spawns on new locations and fixed their cooldown and respawn timers.
    • Fixed a player spawn at the beach which could cause players to spawn inside a concrete object.
    • Improved the terrain under the bridge south-east of Caliwood where people were glitching inside the street objects.
    • Added some more collision walls around the Shopping Mall to prevent glitching.
    • Fixed a ladder at Newport where you were unable to climb up. 




  • Decreased the time for territories to be vulnerable by half. 
  • You are now able to "add time" to private servers in Survival, just like in Open World. That way friends can help you keep your servers running.


  • The loot in the Secret Rooms will respawn faster now. That means there will be less risk of entering a room and finding it empty.
  • Player detection radius from the Secret Rooms has been increased. This means the loot won't respawn when a player is too close to the area.
  • We have made some changes to the backpacks. First of all, their statistics didn't properly match their sizes and slot numbers.
    • Large Backpack weight: 50->35
    • Alice Backpack weight: 60->45
    • Military Backpack weight: 100->90
    • Santa Sack weight: 60->50
    • Leather Backpack weight: 45->32
    • Hunter Backpack weight: 150->105
    • Adventure Backpack slots: 85->75
    • Adventure Backpack weight: 400->125
  • With these changes in mind, we have decided to add another backpack to Survival, which will be bigger than the Military Backpack and it's called Camping Backpack. It has a few more slots but a much higher weight than the Military. 

    • Added the new Camping Backpack to the crafting list.
    • Added the K. Style Gas Mask to the crafting list.
    • Removed the component metal from the Vaccine crafting recipe.
    • Removed the component metal from the Binocular crafting recipe.
    • We have made some changes of the Hunter Backpack recipe:
      • Military Backpacks: 10 -> 2
      • Cloth: 1000 -> 250
      • Leather: 250 -> 50



    • Fixed a ladder at Newport where you were unable to climb up.

    • Removed a flying crate at the Prison.
    • Removed the Season Pass cave.

    • Moved a metal spawn away from the Blue Ridge safe zone.




  • Fixed the issues related to the Safe Zone flags showing up in the same spot from your previous match when using the "Play Again" function.
  • Fixed an issue where people could be grouped up accidentally with more than 3 people in Battle Royale when joining "random" teams.


Estimated patch size: 300 MB

Patch ETA: 07.08.2020, 12:30pm CET

Estimated downtime: 1 hour

Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something.


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