Dear community,

As some of you might have heard we have been preparing a pretty big patch the past couple of months. This patch will obvious affect all game modes (in a great way), but the central focus point of the patch is... Survival!




This topic is exclusively about SURVIVAL, so ARCADE (OPEN WORLD) and BATTLE ROYALE will remain as they are.


To summarize: 

  • Reverted animations back
  • Reworked lighting
  • Reworked the whole loot system to make it as similar to early I:SS days as possible. That includes extremely rare snipers!
  • Readjusted weapons and attachments to make them feel more like they used to
  • Revisited the crafting system
  • Disabled basebuilding so we can continue working on it to make it fit the environment better
  • Aiming this at the hardcore I:SS players who wanted the "original" feeling of the game
  • All this with all our improvements (64-bit client, Anticheat, Player Market, etc...)

We have been deeply looking into Survival and evaluating carefully everything that is going on there to see where we can improve in order to bring back the old Infestation: Survivor Stories/The War Z feelings that players yearn so much! So adjusting the current Survival system, as in the loot, the map lighting, crafting that makes more sense will come in handy. This will bring the great feeling of tension and all the previous titles brought, with all the fixes and updates we have done in the past years. 

With that in mind, we are also taking over on Steam the page for Infestation: Survivor Stories and with that it will also increase our reach by a lot. People who own that game already will be notified about the game being up again, will be able to download OUR client through Steam, which will attract a lot of new and returning players. The regular client on Steam will continue working as it is. 


  • Short answer is YES. There will be a full wipe on the game mode. Things that are used on the other game modes will remain.
  • GI, Survival Dollars, Skill Trees and character XP/Rep WILL be wiped
  • GC, skins, skin recipes, the characters themselves and other items purchased for GC WILL NOT be wiped


  • Giving a clean slate to all players will give them a new opportunity to grow along with the game. If players were to keep their unbalanced loot (remember, we completely reworked the loot), new players would be in a huge disadvantage.
  • Though you will lose your items, you will gain many, many more players/enemies to play against, so it is up to you to obviously weigh those two things... Would you rather have a full, huge GI with a few enemies, or start anew along and against many other players? 
  • So, get ready to relive the tension and the whole idea and concept of an actual Survival game mode, with all the fixes and improvements from our team! Dive in this adventure again with your friends and call them all to rejoin you and rejoice on what actually defined zombie survival games!


Yes. We will be rewarding past players with special skins and exclusive character clothes depending on the size and rarity of their GI. More info about this in a later thread.

The moment this announcement is live, we will save all the GI info, so there is no "manipulation" of GIs to try and make them bigger.

Best Wishes from the Fredaikis Team

Author ElChupacabra
Published Oct 06, 2020
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