• Zombie deaths do no longer count towards KDR (Kill/Death Ratio)
  • Lowered Ladder climbing speed - Right now, it was too easy for others to catch and too easy to fall of due to its high speed
  • Ladders now produce a sound when climbed
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Ghost Zombies". That was happening when a vehicle ran them over and killed them when there was nobody driving it.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to pickup weapons or gear when the backpack was full, but still had slots open on the "Gear Slots" (which don't count towards the weight)
  • Added item weight to their descriptions
  • Cars no longer get stuck on dead Zombie Dogs or Slicers
  • Added an individual slider for vehicle sounds
  • Fixed a UI crash
  • Fixed a crash that happened when trying to run over zombies



  • Lowered the brightness on Erckul's Wand
  • Reworked the icon for the Woodshield Barricade. It was too bright
  • Improved the lighting quality on Light Saber skins. It was glowing too much on this map



  • Increased the time till items despawn from 10 to 15 minutes


  • Added a new crafting item: Gauze (2x Cloths)
    • Gauze will only stop your bleeding but won't heal you at all


  • Changed the Hunter Backpack Crafting Recipe
    • Military Backpack 2 -> 0
    • Leather Backpack 0 -> 2
    • Cloth 250 -> 100



  • Fixed the description on the Helping Hand CO-1 Contract
  • Zombie Slayer III Contract
    • Updated the reward to a Military Backpack instead of the Large one
  • Alien Specialist Contract
    • Removed the L85 from the rewards



  • Decreased the amount of loot at the airport and around the bridges.
  • Re-generated the minimap as it was a bit off


  • Fixed a misplaced object in Clearview next to the white house.
  • Improved some terrain behind the Castle Pine Settlement safe zone.
  • Opened the fences south-west of Boulder City.
  • Removed the Super Zombie spawn located south in Boulder City to make it more beginner-friendly.
  • Removed the Super Zombie from the big market in Campos City to make it more beginner-friendly.
  • Increased the safe zone radius in Goblin Peak.
  • Improved the ladders around the bridge in Campos City.
  • Improved the player spawns around Campos City.
  • Increased the amount of loot at farms.
  • Increased the amount of food inside markets.
  • Added zombies to the west-side of the bridge in Boulder City.
  • Fixed the problem in Glenwood Springs which prevented zombies from spawning.
  • Improved the road texture on Delta Peek.
  • Improved the road texture in Campos City.
  • Improved the quality of shadows overall.
  • Opened the fence back in Campos City a bit more because Zombies were getting stuck.
  • Opened the fence behind the White House in Campos City.
  • Fixed the rocks around the gas station in Clearview.


Estimated patch size: 50MB

Estimated downtime: 1 hour

Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix/add something.


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