Hey survivors,

Now it's time again for our Halloween event!!! We have prepared a lot of events and content for all game modes. You will also find the dates of the each separate events at the bottom of the thread.

Start: 30.10.2020, 12:00PM CET
End: 16.11.2020, 12:00PM CET

Now let's start with the Halloween 2020 Skinbox.


We have also added some custom items which can be found in Arcade and Battle Royale and can be crafted in Survival game mode.

Also the Fingers from the previous Halloween event will be usable again. You can activate the mission on Arcade on the Trading Lounge to trade 20 Fingers to get a Halloween 2020 Skinbox.

We have also added some variants of the Pumpkin hats which can be found on the Halloween secret spots.

For Arcade you also will be able to purchase the Halloween 2020 GI locker through the in-game marketplace for GC.

As we mentioned earlier, we have also place Halloween secret spots on the maps where you can find Halloween items and contracts.



Here you can find the list of upcoming events with dates and explanation:


30.10. - 16.11.2020

  • Halloween Skinbox release
    • Can be found in-game on random Airdrops and common/rare locked rooms and helicopter crashes
    • Can be bought through the in-game marketplace for 250GC each
    • Added as a random premium reward to Battle Royale
  • Halloween character clothes release
    • Can be bought through the customization tab of your character
  • Release of Halloween Sprays
    • Part of them are in the Spray Box and the rest can be found on the Halloween places on all maps
  • Release of the Halloween items
    • Can be found on Halloween spots (Arcade)
    • Available on the crafting list to craft (Survival)
    • Vial of Z blood added to the Zombie loot
    • Vial of blue angel added to the Helicopter crashes
    • Vial of SZ blood added to the Super Zombie loot
    • Resin is added to the Alien Super Zombie loot.
  • Release of the Halloween themed Trading Lounge (Arcade)
  • Release of the Halloween PVP map (Arcade)
  • Start of the Halloween 2020 Seasonal Leaderboard
  • Halloween themed Zombies


30.10. - 02.11.2020

  • Double Currency (Arcade + Battle Royale + Competitive)
  • Double Experience


03.11. - 16.11.2020

  • Gleam giveaway
    • Follow this link and try to do as much as you can to increase your chance to win
    • Prizes:
      • 5x 30 days of extreme subscription
      • 5x 30 days of deluxe subscription
      • 10x 30 days of premium subscription


02.11. - 9.11.2020

  • Double Competitive Skinbox reward
  • Double Battle Royale Skinbox reward
  • Double Daily Premium Rewards



13.11. - 16.11.2020

  • Double Experience
  • Double Currency (Arcade + Battle Royale + Competitive)



The entire Fredaikis Team wishes everyone a great Halloween, stay safe!


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