Dear Community,

Today is Friday and this means WEEKEND!
For this weekend event we'll have it live for the following period of time:

START: November 27, 2020 12:00 PM (CET)

END: November 30, 2020 12:00 PM (CET)

Now, let's jump into further details about this Weekend Event:

  1. Battle Royale Massacre [BR]
    The chance of finding snipers and higher tier items will be significantly higher than usual.
  2. Double Reputation [PVP]
    We are going to enable a perk called Double Reputation on all Spring Valley servers.
  3. Better Equiped [SV]
    The chances to find attachments will be higher through helicopter crashes during this weekend.
  4. Character Sale [ALL]
    All characters on the in-game store will be 50% off.


    This week we are doing a sale on the Skin recipes and Skinboxes!
    Note: This sale is a weekly one so it has already started before the weekend event and does not have the same start-end times as the weekend event.



AC= Arcade
SV= Survival/I:SS
BR= Battle Royale
ALL= All game modes
PVP= PVP servers
CP= Competitive


Please let us know what you think of this weekend event so that we can use that feedback in the future for new weekend events! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share that as well as we might be able to use your idea for upcoming weekend events!

Have any feedback for the weekend event? Feel free to share that with us at


Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these updates with your friends and followers!

For any feedback about the game please let us know at

If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at

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We wish everyone a great weekend!



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Published Nov 27, 2020
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