• Made changes for easier navigation on the in-game inventory, which can be disabled through the options menu.
  • Added Holiday music to the menu.
  • Major server crashes have been fixed.
  • Changed the VOIP system to a more reliable one. 
  • Fixed a bug with a dead body hit reg. 
  • Added FPS Cap option.
  • Added the option for server owners to add Winter Mode to their private servers.
  • Reworked the look of the Airdrop after it's been open. That way you will know if the Airdrop has been opened already.
  • Made more tweaks to weapons. Lowered overall Spread on them, but also lowered the reduction from attachments. That way they will feel the same way as they currently do with full attachments, but are improved overall with no attachments.
  • Buffed Karambit.
  • Nerfed Saiga.
  • Fixed some physics issues on the maps.
  • Added "Overgrowth" back to buildings in Survival.

Full Patch Notes:



  • Added a key-bind to drop the item currently selected from the in-game inventory. 
  • Added a new Tutorial image to explain the in-game HUD. You can access it by pressing on the icon  or by pressing F1.
  • Fixed some localization in some languages.
  • Fixed a few UI bugs in Battle Royale.
  • Added a new Holiday song to the menu. You can toggle it on the Options Menu.
  • Menu music does not play if you are tabbed out of the game. 


  • Fixed several crashes both Server and Client-sided.
  • Added an FPS Cap option to the settings.
  • Changed the VOIP system from TeamSpeak to Vivox. 
    • Vivox is a much more reliable and modern system. For most of you, you won't feel much of a difference, but  disconnecting randomly from VOIP will be greatly decreased.
  • Double-clicking in the inventory will now use/equip/attach an item (you can disable that option from the Options Menu)
  • Added an option to add "Winter Mode" to your private servers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Slicer Icon to appear randomly on the map multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug related to dead body hit reg.
  • Fixed placing a shield on dead bodies.
  • Fixed an issue with eating food that could remove your shield.
  • Fixed an issue with Competitive Matches not starting in Oceania



  • Reworked the Airdrop Icons.
  • Added a new model to show the Airdrop has already been open. That way you will be able to see if it's been open or not from afar.


  • Added a few new Airdrop types. More information soon.
  • Reworked the icon for a few items:
    • AR Barrel
    • Sniper Barrel
    • AR Stock
    • Sniper Stock
    • Snow Man Barricade
  • Changed the damage from the Karambit.
    • Player Damage: From 50 to 80.
    • Zombie Damage: From 80 to 105
  • Decreased the spread of guns globally. 
    • This means all weapons have had their spread reduced slightly so they can be used well without attachments. 
  • Decreased the spread reduction on all attachments.
    • This means at the end, with full attachments, you will have the guns as good as they currently are, but the difference from no attachments to full attachments will be lower. 
  • Decreased the damage and decay (distance to start having a reduction in damage) of the Saiga
    • Damage from 27 to 25.
    • Decay from 5 to 4.
  • Increased the damage of the grenade on Zombies.
    • From 140 to 160.
  • Changed the cooldown of the Wood Shields in Arcade back to what it was.



  • Fixed the Scope on the Hynx v2 OTS-SVU.
  • Fixed the material files for the M4 Apocalypse.



  • Loot:
    • Improved the respawn timer of the crates in the secret spots.


  • Colorado: 
    • Fixed a physics model at the airport where you were able to go through a wall.



  • You can no longer deal damage to Group Members in Survival. Unfortunately, this was being heavily abused against new players. 


  • Loot will continue being tweaked as we get general feedback. These changes do not require game patches to go live and we will keep you posted on those on the official Discord.


    • Fixed some misplaced staircases in Rio.
    • Improved some terrain near the Airport.
    • Increased food spawns overall.
    • Added more vehicle spawns and increased the spawn chances.
    • Fixed the missing helicopter crash icon at Whitestone mountain.
    • Decreased the sound volume of the global ambient sound.
    • We are adding back the "Overgrowth" on buildings. This was something classic in I:SS and people voted to have it back. This is still a work in progress and we will continue adding to other buildings.faZk24z.pngeP9jism.png
    • Some buildings are also closed again but don't worry, it's not done yet and we might open some again such as the restaurant.
    • Added some more trees around Clearview to protect players who are just spawning in.




    More information on this year's Christmas Event VERY soon!!!



    Estimated patch size: 300MB

    Estimated downtime: 2 hours

    Estimated Patch time: 16.12.2020 10:00AM CET

    Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix/add something.


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