'Tis the season of giving! The end of the year holidays are upon us and we're bringing this year's Xmas Event! Since it is the season of giving, we will be bringing a lot of content that can be found in-game! A new full skin set of Christmas skins so you can show your love for this magic night will be available not only on the servers but also from the in-game store. Also, take part in the Twitch event to earn some FREE GC by following extremely simple rules!

Join in the festivities and hunt for presents under the trees! With a special event where there will be special crates containing Xmas items only in the Official Server. That will also ensure a lot of fighting over these goodies and will make them even more worth your time!

So put on your elf ears, Santa hat or stick a carrot on your nose and celebrate this Christmas with us!

Happy hunting!


Start: 18.12.2020, 12:00PM CET
End: 04.01.2021, 12:00PM CET

Now let's start with the Xmas 2020 Skinbox.

PhizWio.pngjAlpgzN.pngQFgQbUV.pngqVylBWh.pngand more!


Just like every year, we will have Xmas trees with presents all over every map! Go and find them!

uGaXkjx.png0k8r7Of.png45sCtSo.pngEijz7o8.pngfnFWz9B.pnghjKIsbi.pngLh488xr.pngand more!

This year we are also creating an event within the event. We have added a special Xmas crate that contains the Xmas 2020, other Skinboxes and more!
NOTE: This crate will only spawn on Official Servers and give you only 1 item at a time.


Xmas 2020 Character clothes that are available in the in-game store.



Here you can find the list of upcoming events with dates and explanation:


18.12. - 04.01.2021

  • Xmas 2020 Skinbox release
    • Can be found in-game from Super Zombies and in Radiation zones
    • Can be bought through the in-game store for 250GC each
    • Added as a winner prize and random premium reward to Battle Royale
  • Xmas 2020 character clothes release
    • Can be bought through the customization tab of your character. Rememberthat unlocking it on one character will unlock it for all characters in all game modes!
  • Release of Xmas 2020 Sprays
    • You will be able to purchase the Xmas 2020 sprays in the ingame store or find them ingame
  • Release of the Xmas 2020 loot
    • Xmas loot such as Candies, Breads, Contracts and more will be spawning at the Xmas trees
    • Xmas 2020 Key Card will be spawning at the Xmas trees and inside the Xmas 2020 crates.
  • Release of the Xmas 2020 themed Trading Lounge (Arcade)
  • Release of the Winter PVP map (Arcade)
  • Start of the Xmas 2020 Seasonal Leaderboard
  • Xmas themed Zombies



18.12. - 22.12.2020

  • Double Currency (Arcade + Battle Royale + Competitive)
  • Double Experience


20.12. - 25.12.2020

  • Double Skinbox rewards in the following game modes:
    • Competitve
    • Battle Royale
  • Double Random rewards


23.12. - 04.01.2021

  • Twitch stream event.
    • Stream at least 25 hours in total during this event and you will earn 3,500 GC as a reward.
      Please read the following rules before:
      - Make sure your Past Broadcast is enabled. If you don't know how to check out this article CLICK HERE
      - You need to have 25 hours in total. Example 5x 5 hours, etc.
      - Streaming AFK or in just lobbies will not count
      - Make sure your Twitch account is linked to New Z. If you don't know how to do that, check out this article CLICK HERE
      After you streamed the 25 hours in total, you submit a ticket to us right HERE. (You have to log in using your game account)

      - Only currently active accounts and not secondary accounts



24.12. - 27.12.2020

  • Free Premium Xmas
    • During the celebration of Xmas 2020 we will give every player Premium!
  • Free Premium Daily Rewards


29.12. - 01.01.2021

  • Double Currency (Arcade + Battle Royale + Competitive)
  • Double Experience



01.01. - 04.01.2021

  • Free Revive In Arcade
    • You will be able to revive for Free during this weekend
  • Double Daily Rewards
    • Premium Daily reward will be delivered twice a day by Santa!



*Start and end time depends of the day because of the vacations.

The entire Fredaikis Team wishes everyone happy holidays and a happy New Years Eve, stay safe!


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