Dear Community,

We are glad to announce that Steam finally enabled the option to add I:SS 2020 to your Steam library meaning people who had issues playing it from the I:SS game will not need to download another version to play, some didn't even know of the existence of the other titles and ended up never playing.
We are very sorry that this took so long, we had technical issues because of the game being laid off in the past.

Link to the game:

Here is also a link to have a overview of the latest Patch Notes:
Small updates such as loot changes are writing inside the devupdates channel on our discord. You might wanna check that as well. Invite link is at the bottom.


Thank you for all of your support and we will see us hopefully in Colorado soon!

//Fredaikis Team


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We wish everyone a great weekend!



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Published Jan 11, 2021
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