Q: I don't see my character in-game and on the character screen.
A: Change your graphics profile to 'Balanced' or 'Optimize Performance' and it's fixed. It's a known bug with AMD cards.

Q: I wanna change my email adress, how can I do that?
A: You have to send a email to [email protected] for security reasons.

Q: How to reset my google authenticator in case I lost access to it?
A: You have to send a email to [email protected] for security reasons.

Q: WZ_08.bin for writing. (It goes for any .bin error messages)
A: Delete the bins and then open launcher to re-download them and make sure your windows account has enogh permissions.

Q: Loading screen freezes at around 70%.
A: Some background processes can stop it from launching, the most common culprits are AMD's Plays.tv, Raptr, MSI's Afterburner and Nahimic or click here.

Q: Communication error.
A: Technically this could be a lot of things, but it's mostly due to people having ISP issues or because they didn't allow New Z through their firewall etc. It could also help to clean your cached game files, in case you don't know how click here.

Q: Unable to connect to servers.
A: Yea, it's another network related error. Try the same thing as above, and also try using Google's DNS servers and flush your DNS.

Q: Random FPS drops and freezes.
A: It could be a lot of things, but again check your background processes and close all unnecessary programs such as MSI Afterburner or check out the list here. If that is not helping, then submit us a ticket.

Q: Launcher is stuck downloading.
A: You should also add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall, anti-virus and defender. It could also getting caused by a program, a list of possible once are here.

Q: Random disconnects.
A: Yea, it's another network related error. I suggest you try everything mentioned above, but this is mostly likely due to your own connection.

Q: Decompress failed error.
A: You can resolve this issue by restarting your computer, or by reinstalling New Z. You should also follow my suggestions under "Extra Tips".

Q: Version mismatch error.
A: Create a thread under "Technical Support" with a screenshot of the entire error message. It's important DEV's can see the ID and fix it ASAP.

Q: Out of memory error.
A: I think this is quite self-explanatory, but you basically need to upgrade your computer.

Q: Timeout connecting to master server error.
A: You are out of luck. It's an error on behalf of New Z, and in short, it just means their game is down from a Windows update or DDOS etc. Just wait patiently.

Q: Can't extract the file TheNewZ.exe, please delete this file manually.
A: I've noticed this error usually appears if your anti-virus has deleted the file. Just re-download and add New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.

Q: No free game servers are available.
A: This error happens every time there's no slot available left on the server, so don't panic if you see this. Just wait 5 minutes and you should be able to join.

Q: Game doesn't start when I press play.
A: This means there's something blocking the game files to function properly. Just try and add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.

Q: Game session active.
A: The game basically still thinks you are in-game, even if your client is closed. This is happening a lot more than usual due to some changes Fred made.

Q: Why does my anti-virus detect New Z as malware.
A: Some of the things it does looked down upon in some anti-virus companies, and they automatically classify it as malware.

Q: Does New Z support MAC computers.
A: The answer is no, it does not. You must purchase a Windows computer or you could try running the game through Wine, but I do not promise it will work.

Q: I have a high ping.
A: That means you are playing in the wrong region or the connection is not stable right now. You could use a VPN to stabilize your connection, but that's it. Please don't use free VPN's, they are over-used. It also could help to provide a ticket in case there is a provider issue.

Q: My character is moving without pressing anything.
A: If your character is going right, then press 'D' once. If your character is going left, then press 'A' once. Also make sure, there is no controller connected. Re-plug of the keyboard/mouse also could help.

Q: I didn't receive my GC.
A: Regular moderators won't be able to help, please email "[email protected]" for further instructions but keep in mind, GC purchases can take up to 3 days, depends which pay methode or bank you are using.

Q: Account has been hacked.
A: Unfortunately nothing can be done, please in the future add extra account security. The internet can be a dangerous place, and may this be a lesson. Here are some tips:

  1. Always use a unique password on different platforms.
  2. Activate google authenticator. There is also a google chrome plugin for it in case you don't have a phone. WARNING do not use this chrome plugin in a internet cafe!
  3. In case you play over steam, make sure, you logins are unique there as well and steam also has somethign called steam guard. More information you can find on their website here.
  4. Do not trust any other player with your logins!
  5. Also make sure, your email account is safe and has unique logins.

Q: How do I enable Google Authenticator.
A: First you have to login [https://playnewz.com/account]here[/url] then you go on the "Security" tab and then you see already the button "Launch Google Authenticator". Forum Thread" rel="external nofollow">Here is also a tutorial about how to add google authenticator.

Q: My characters got deleted.
A: No problem! Just create a support ticket and your character will ge restored as fast as possible. Keep in mind, the items which had the character in his backpack, will stay deleted and can't get restored.

Q: I have low FPS on my laptop.
A: Please make sure New Z is actually using your graphics card and not the integrated graphics. Should be able to change it under your Nvidia settings.

Q: Failed to get current game build.
A: Make sure your anti-virus and firewall doesn't block the connection, then change your DNS to Google's and flush your DNS. If that doesn't work, provide us a ticket and we can help you there.

Q: Suspected Cheating. 
A: This message only comes up if your connection is very unstable, or if you're cheating. You can use a VPN to stabilize the connection if you're just lagging but most of the time it's just when you have package lost.

Q: Communication error, contact the staff team... message.
A: Add exceptions on your firewall and anti-virus for the whole Infestation: New Z folder. If you have Windows 10, Windows Defender is a firewall and an anti-virus.

Q: Spawn Protection is too short. 
A: Unless it's essential for you, turn off Fast Load. Fast Load is meant for weaker computers, so if your computer is not low-end, turn it off.

Q: Your IP has been blocked for 10 minutes. 
A: Unfortunately, if that happens, you have to wait 10 minutes. You have a good amount of attempts before it blocks you. Make sure, you wait a bit as soon you see "Game session active" and also check if you wrote the correct login details (check for caps on/off).

Q: My email was hacked and I lost my account. 
A: If that's the case, you need to recover your email before we can help you. Once recovered, contact us at [email protected] from the recovered email.

Q: Can't extract file TheNewZ.exe please delete this file manually. 
A: Check out the points bellow:

  1. Make sure the game is closed and the launcher is not running.
  2. Locate your game installation folder.
  3. Delete the following file: "TheNewZ.exe".
  4. Start the launcher again.
  5. Log in.

Q: I have bought The WarZ/Infestation: Survivor Stories, can I use that account in Infestation: The New Z as well?
A: Infestation: The New Z is a completely independent game from the previous Infestation Titles (f/k/a The War Z) and have no connection to the original publishers or developers. Accounts from the afore mentioned games did not and will not migrate to our game.

Q: I see 2 different currencies in-game. For what are they?
A: There are two kinds of currency available in our game: Game Dollars and Gold Coins. They are used to make purchases in the game. Bellow you can see which currency is for what:


  • How to obtain: Game Dollars are obtainable ingame by getting kills on opponents, winning Battle Royale matches and killing zombies. 
  • What are the uses: They can be used to purchase items that will help you in PvP and on PvE. Those items are only available for purchase in the Game Mode OPEN WORLD. 


  • How to obtain: Gold Coins are purchased through our Website or through Steam (if you have the game installed through Steam)
  • What are the uses: They are used for cosmetic items only (skins and skinboxes) and some unique items like GI-Access Lockers (Open World only) and MLG Horns. 


Extra Things To Consider

Tip 1: Get someone experienced to look through your logs, but please do not give them to anyone but New Z Staff.
Tip 2: These logs are also known as "R3DLogs", and they CAN be extremely helpful in terms of identifying an issue.
Tip 3: It could also help to clean your cached game files, in case you don't know how click here.
Tip 4: A few regular things you should follow:

  •  Start the game as Administrator.
  •  Add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall, anti-virus and defender.
  •  Use Google's DNS servers, they can be found online with a simple search.
  •  Update all of your drivers.
  •  Install Windows Updates even though it's not really required, but it's good to do anyways.
  •  Always send the crash report if you get asked to do so.
  •  You can find the New Z settings folder under this directory: C:\Users\PCNAME\Documents\FredaikisAB\NewZ.
  •  Other(s): Please remember to enable Google Authenticator as well.
  •  Other(s): If your game doesn't start, and the method in FAQ doesn't work, please provide us a ticket.




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    If you have any more questions or your issue is not listed here, you are welcome to create a ticket.


    //The New Z Staff