The Marketplace is an ingame market where you can buy items (Only available in Open World) and skins for one of our CURRENCIES

Items used in PvP and PvE like ammo, melees, medication are ONLY available for purchase with our ingame currency which can be easily obtained in the game (Game Dollars). They are, however, available only in Open World. 

To make navigation easier, the sections are separated into different colors as to make it clear if the items are available in that game mode and for what currency
OPEN WORLD (Game Dollars)
ALL (Gold Coins)

There are skins avaiable for purchases for both GC (Gold Coins) or GD (Game Dollars). We rotate the skins and skinboxes available for purchase twice a week in the Marketplace. With skinboxes you will always have a random chance of getting any of the skins avaiable. For more information on skins, please visit this link

These are the categories in the marketplace and what you can buy in each of them: 

The featured section will display items that are currently on sale and new items that have just arrived on the store!
AMMO (Open World only)
Here you can browse and shop a variety of ammunition for most weapons in the game. These items are only available for the ingame currency (Game Dollars). 
MELEES (Open World only)
Melees are very useful to single out zombies quietly without attracting enemies or zombies. This section also includes throwable items (as Chemlights, grenades, etc...).
ARMORS (Open World only)
With all the armors available in the game, this section will help you defend yourself from all kinds of enemies by reducing the damage taking both from the living and the undead.
CONSUMABLES (Open World only)
If you feel hungry in the world, this is better than any convenience store out there before the apocalypse. You can buy eadibles and drinks to keep you going.
MEDICATION (Open World only)
Hurt in battle? Just get some medication to treat your wounds and stop that throbbing pain.
ATTACHMENTS (Open World only)
For all the gun lovers out there. Sights, grips, muzzles and so on. To adapt your ordinary gun to every situation and make you really feel like you were in the pre-apocalypse Special Forces. 
SHIELDS (Open World only)
Shields help you protect yourself from shots like nothing in this world! It can also help you shield yourself up in a room to get some sleep while the zombies roam around. 
SKINBOXES (All game modes)
If you like taking chances, this is your place. Each skinbox contains a variety of skins that you can get out of it. You can see their content by clicking on SEE CONTENT. Keep in mind that every different skin has a different rarity and some skins are only obtainable within certain skinboxes. 
SKINS (All game modes)
Individual skins if you don't want to take chances. Usually there are only a handful of skins avaiable for direct purchase, both for GD and GC. 
CHARACTERS (All game modes)
Change your looks with our different characters and their skins. You can be what you want! All characters have the same exact statistics and they only change cosmetically. 
OTHERS(All game modes)
Here you can buy account subscriptions (Premium/Deluxe/Extreme) and spawn protection colors.