Today we are going to show you in a small tutorial "How to equip and use a spray" properly.

Our first step there will be actually buying a spray. Let's jump in to it.

On the marketplace you have a seperate tab for skins and sprays.


As soon you found a interested one, go ahead and buy one. After you bought one, you will find the spray in your skin tab in your inventory.


The next step is like on every skin, you learn it and as soon you learned the spray, there is no way to "unlearn" anymore.


Now you have to equip the learned spray. You can do it in the "Customize Menu" of your character. Every character can have his own equiped spray.


In the "Customize Menu" you click on the tab "Sprays" and look for the learned spray. You click it once and then on "Apply". Now the spray is assigned to this character.


Now you have to double check, what key you have binded to the spray function (default is "B").


Now you can test it with joining the Lounge and look on the ground or any kind of object and press "B" (default). Now you should hear the spray sound and you also should see it.



Now you can buy or trade more sprays and assign them to every single character.

We hope that will help you guys, in case you have any kind of problems, feel free to contact us.