Some players might have issues with starting their game.

The main reason for that is third-party programs, which are conflicting with our Anti-Cheat. We keep finding new programs, which are causing this and we wanted to create a list for you, which "could" cause that problem.

Keep in mind, it could also be an "unknown" program, which is not on the list. You just have to think like this, every program which is connecting to the game could cause that. Example, any program which is showing your FPS in-game or which could help you, to record situations.

  • AMD Gaming Evolved (needs to get updated)
  • Raptr
  • Plays.TV
  • Radeon Settings
  • EVGA Precision
  • MSI Afterburner
  • MSI Nahimic
  • Nvidia Experience (needs to get updated)
  • Shadowplay (needs to get updated)
  • RivaTuner
  • Some Anti-Viruses (the most common are Avast, McAffee and nod32, Esea)
  • Asus Sonic Studio
  • Microsoft DVR
  • CCleaner (Probably needs to be uninstalled)
  • Relevantknowledge
  • PremiereOpinion
  • SS2UIlancher (Asus ROG laptops)
  • NVDisplay.Container

Few of these programs just have to get updated but most of them has to get turned off.

One other thing that could help is running an Antimalware software on your computer to get rid of those programs. 

If you tried everything, you are also welcome to create a ticket and we will help you find the problem.

You can create a support ticket at