Q: I don't see my character in-game and on the character screen.
A: Change your graphics profile to 'Balanced' or 'Optimize Performance' and it's fixed. It's a known bug with AMD cards.

Q: Can't open WZ_08.bin for writing. (It goes for any .bin error messages)
A: There are two things to do. You can either reinstall the game or just delete the bins and then open launcher to re-download them.

Q: Loading screen freezes at around 70%.
A: Some background processes can stop it from launching, the most common culprits are AMD's Plays.tv, Raptr, MSI's Afterburner and Nahimic. 

Q: Communication error.
A: Technically this could be a lot of things, but it's mostly due to people having ISP issues or because they didn't allow New Z through their firewall etc.

Q: Unable to connect to servers.
A: Yea, it's another network related error. Try the same thing as above, and also try using Google's DNS servers and flush your DNS.

Q: Random FPS drops and freezes.
A: It could be a lot of things, but again check your background processes and close all unnecessary programs such as MSI Afterburner.

Q: Launcher is stuck downloading.
A: I suggest you use a VPN while downloading the game data, but you should also add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.

Q: Random DC's.
A: Yea, it's another network related error. I suggest you try everything mentioned above, but this is mostly likely due to your own connection.

Q: Decompress failed error.
A: You can resolve this issue by restarting your computer, or by reinstalling New Z. You should also follow my suggestions under "Extra Tips".

Q: Version mismatch error.
A: Create a thread under "Technical Support" with a screenshot of the entire error message. It's important DEV's can see the ID and fix it ASAP.

Q: Out of memory error.
A: I think this is quite self-explanatory, but you basically need to upgrade your computer.

Q: Timeout connecting to master server error.
A: You are out of luck. It's an error on behalf of New Z, and in short, it just means their game is down from a Windows update or DDOS etc. Just wait patiently.

Q: Can't extract the file TheNewZ.exe, please delete this file manually.
A: I've noticed this error usually appears if your anti-virus has deleted the file. Just re-download and add New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.

Q: No free game servers are available.
A: This error happens every time there's no slot available left on the server, so don't panic if you see this. Just wait 5 minutes and you should be able to join.

Q: Game doesn't start when I press play.
A: This means there's something blocking the game files to function properly. Just try and add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.

Q: Game session active.
A: The game basically still thinks you are in-game, even if your client is closed. This is happening a lot more than usual due to some changes Fred made.

Q: Why does my anti-virus detect New Z as malware.
A: Some of the things it does looked down upon in some anti-virus companies, and they automatically classify it as malware.

Q: Does New Z support MAC computers.
A: The answer is no, it does not. You must purchase a Windows computer or you could try running the game through Wine, but I do not promise it will work.

Q: I have a high ping.
A: You are out of luck once again. You could use a VPN to stabilize your connection, but that's it. Please don't use free VPN's, they are over-used.

Q: My character is moving without pressing anything.
A: If your character is going right, then press 'D' once. If your character is going left, then press 'A' once. If this didn't fix your issue, try and re-plug your keyboard.

Q: I didn't receive my GC.
A: Regular moderators won't be able to help, please email "[email protected]" for further instructions.

Q: Account has been hacked.
A: Unfortunately nothing can be done, please in the future add extra account security. The internet can be a dangerous place, and may this be a lesson.

Q: How do I enable Google Authenticator.
A: Sven made a tutorial, click here for it. If your family also plays New Z, don't add it, otherwise, it's gonna cause issues. Just change the password regularly instead.

Q: My characters got deleted.
A: No problem! Just make a thread under "Technical Support" explaining your issue, or email "[email protected]" and it'll get resolved ASAP.

Q: I have low FPS on my laptop.
A: Please make sure New Z is actually using your graphics card and not the integrated graphics. Should be able to change it under your Nvidia settings.

Q: Failed to get current game build.
A: Make sure your anti-virus and firewall doesn't block the connection, then change your DNS to Google's and flush your DNS. If that doesn't work, use a VPN.

Q: Suspected Cheating. 
A: This message only comes up if your connection is very unstable, or if you're cheating. You can use a VPN to stabilize the connection if you're just lagging.

Q: Communication error, contact the staff team... message.
A: Add exceptions on your firewall and anti-virus for the whole Infestation: New Z folder. If you have Windows 10, Windows Defender is a firewall and an anti-virus.

Q: Spawn Protection is too short. 
A: Unless it's essential for you, turn off Fast Load. Fast Load is meant for weaker computers, so if your computer is not low-end, turn it off.

Q: Your IP has been blocked for 1 hour. 
A: Unfortunately, if that happens, you have to wait the one hour. You have a good amount of attempts before it blocks you.

Q: My email was hacked and I lost my account. 
A: If that's the case, you need to recover your email before we can help you. Once recovered, contact us at [email protected] from the recovered email.
Extra Things To Consider

Tip 1: Get someone experienced to look through your logs, but please do not give them to anyone but New Z Staff.
Tip 2: These logs are also known as "R3DLogs", and they CAN be extremely helpful in terms of identifying an issue.
Tip 3: A few regular things you should follow.

- Start the game as Administrator.
- Add the entire New Z folder to exceptions in your firewall and anti-virus.
- Use Google's DNS servers, they can be found online with a simple search.
- Run New Z in compatibility mode with Windows 7.
- Update all of your drivers.
- If your launcher/game doesn't load properly I suggest you try and use a paid VPN.
- Install Windows Updates even though it's not really required, but it's good to do anyways.
- Always send the crash report if you get asked to do so.
- You can find the New Z settings folder under this directory: C:\Users\PCNAME\Documents\FredaikisAB\NewZ.
- Other(s): Please remember to enable Google Authenticator as well.
- Other(s): If your game doesn't start, and the method in FAQ doesn't work, please make sure you don't have any sound/fps overlay enabled.

If you have any more questions, you are welcome to PM any of the Staff Members.

These are the new and updated official game rules for Infestation: The New Z

Failure to follow them will have consequences, so please understand them thoroughly.


1. Respecting authorities in the game servers:

  • Moderators are authorities. Respect their warnings and instructions... Arguing with them directly will only cause you to get banned.
  • If you feel you've been treated unfairly by a moderator/admin, contact ElChupacabra.

2. Insults:

  • Hate speech will be taken serious (racism/xenophobia/homophobia/etc...) and will most likely cause a ban.
  • Keep in mind that TRASHTALKING is part of the game. Trash talking and harassment are two completely different things.
  •  - Trash talking: Calling other players noobs, making fun of their play style, offending their skills during PvP.
  •  - Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending. 

Trash talking example:

Player 1 killed Player2

Player 2: Wow, you're such a noob. Stop camping like a fa***t. 

Player 1: L2P. hu3hu3. noobs, u suck.

Player 2: fu*k you! You can't fight so you bring 10 man to fight

Player 1: You don't have friends, get off the computer and go make friends.


This is a clear example of normal in-game trash talk. Don't waste our time with reports of people being toxic.  

3. Cheating:

  • Cheating is unacceptable and will always be dealt with an instant PERMANENT ban. 
  • Moderators and admins do NOT have to present YOU (banned player) any kind of evidence of you cheating.

4. Advertising:

  • You are NOT allowed to advertise external websites in our public servers. This will result in a ban. 
  • You CAN advertise your Live Stream AS LONG AS you're currently streaming. 
  • You CAN only advertise clan website in Group/Clan chat. 

5. Names:

  • You are not allowed to use racist and offensive names (Read rule 1 about insults). If you do, you will be banned until you agree to change your character name or delete it (You will NOT be provided the GC for it). 
  • Cloning staff member names is a bannable offense and will result in an instant ban with no questions asked or second chances.
  • Pretending to be a staff member for any reason will also result in a ban. 
  • If you've had your name stolen or cloned, we will change the other player's name AS LONG AS you are able to prove your name is unique and it is CLONED. 
    • Example: If your in-game name is KittenSlayer and someone is using that name we will check if your name "means anything" (in the sense of Youtube Channels, Twitch broadcasts, etc...). If it's just a "coincidental cloning", no names will be changed as those are just words put together.
    • Example: If your in-game name is Luke The SoCal King and you have a youtube channel/an "online reputation", we will change the player's name.
    • Some cases are very unique and it will take us some time to confirm/study, so please, don't spam us with "coincidental cloning" situations, like common words/names.

6. Regarding bans:

  • If you get temporarily banned, you have to wait the time set. 
  • Anyone can appeal their bans. By appealing it, the ban will go under review and you will get a response. 
  • If you are banned temporarily and try to evade that ban rather than appealing it, you will be permanently banned. 

7. Refunds:

  • If you refund any purchase made, you will be automatically banned. 
  • If you had an issue (GC not delivered) and would like it reviewed, please contact [email protected] for further support. 
  • There will be no unbans for people who refund purchases, not even on a completely new account.

8. Black-Market Trading:

  • You are NOT allowed to sell and buy items on other websites for real currency. 
  • Accounts are personal and only the owner of the account is allowed to change their emails.
  • We will NOT give any kind of support to people who get "scammed" while trading outside the game.
  • You CANNOT advertise selling/buying items for currencies other than in-game currencies (Game Dollars and items). If you do so, you will be banned. 
  • Items marketed outside the game might get deleted, removed or wiped without notice and accounts might be banned. We will NOT restore these items, so do it at your own risk. We highly recommend when buying high priced items to buy them directly from the marketplace rather than trading them for a little bit less and causing your items to be removed and you losing your money. 

9. Lost items due to bugs:

  • Items lost due to server and/or bugs and/or crashes will NOT be replaced on demand. They will only be replaced if:
    • You can prove the issue was on our side (connection interruption)
    • It was a bug in the game and not on the computer.
  • There is no use spamming us to ask for a replacement if you cannot prove the item was lost.
    • For example your game crashes and your car disappears. There is no way for us to check the veracity of that, since the server registered you going into the server, placing a car then leaving the server. 

10. Scamming: 

  • Scamming is punishable by a ban.
  • You need to prove that you were scammed by someone in order for us to take action.
  • Scams using outside currency will NOT have our help.

11. Glitching: 

  • Abusing any kind of glitch or bug to take advantage is bannable.
  • Glitching through our "invisible walls" is bannable. If you can't walk through it normally, you cannot cross it.

12. Macros:

  • Abusing macros is bannable.
  • Any kind of macro that helps you shoot/aim will get you banned permanently.

13. Rep Boosting:

  • You are NOT allowed to kill friends over and over again only to gain positions on the leaderboards.
  • If you are caught/proven to be rep boosting, you will have your reputation completely wiped and GD will be removed.
  • If you are caught for the second time, your character will be DELETED.
  • If you are caught for the third time, you will be permanently banned.

13. Respect group sizes:

  • If we set a group size for a server, it means you CANNOT, under any circumstance play with a bigger group. 
  • Leaving the in-game clan to be able to play in more than 5 people in PvP server WILL cause a ban.
  • Playing with a bigger group than TWO in Battle Royale WILL result in a temporary ban first, then removal of ALL your Battle Royale victories and it will escalate to a permanent ban if it happens again.

Please, just respect the other player's fun as well.


14. Stream-Sniping:

  • Stream-sniping is now a bannable offense that will cause increasingly temporary bans and if it continues, it will become a permanent one. 
  • Streamers suffering from this have to show proof of it happening.
  • We will not share the information on how we decide they are stream-sniping here, but if you are going through it, feel free to PM me for information. We don't want them knowing. 


Rules are subject to changes without notice


Google Authenticator in Infestation: The New Z is used to double secure accounts and link them to a phone / other devices.




Infestation: The New Z allows users to double verify accounts using external devices as extra login security measure. Double verification in Infestation: The New Z goes through 'Google Authenticator' which is mainly used by phones but can also be used in browsers. The goal of double verification is so users can secure their account more; when double verification set up; and someone knows that user's password; the person trying to login to the account would still need the user's phone to log into the account. In this way even if a user's password gets leaked, possible hackers still can't steal/log in to other user's accounts.

Enabling double verification in Infestation: The New Z is highly recommended as it makes it very hard for hackers to steal your account.

Enabling Google Authenticator

Here's a step by step guide about how to enable double verification for your Infestation: The New Z account. There are some requirements needed for the double verification:

• You are going to need a smartphone that where you can install apps on.
• You are going to need an Infestation: The New Z account.

Here's how to set up double verification for your Infestation: The New Z account:

1. Go to: http://playnewz.com/account.php
2. Click on the "security" tab.
3. Click on "Launch Google Authenticator".
4. You will get a pop-up about "Google Authenticator: Overview". It should show "Current Status: Disabled".
5. In the meanwhile go to any 'app store' on your phone and download an app called 'Google Authenticator'. Here's a link to the official app: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/google-authenticator/id388497605?mt=8
6. Now (from step 4) click on "next".
7. Click on "enable".
8. Go back to your phone, open the 'Google Authenticator' app, and somewhere on the top right of your screen should be a "+" button. Click on that.
9. Use either "scan bar code" or "scan manually" (what ever you prefer).
10. After doing this, the app should add your account on the list and immediately show a code.
11. Go back to your computer and type the code in the field. Then click on "Enable Google Auth".
12. A message should pop up saying: "Success: Google Authenticator has been disabled".

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